Honestly? It’s been a mix of great and utterly not great!

I have been a mix of extremes…. a little like the girl with a curl who when she was good- she was very, very good

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There have been days when I have been so happy and proud of my achievements in reaching my fitness goals mixed thoroughly with dismal days of depression ruling the waves of my days when little of note in terms of steps or activity has occurred- all duly logged by the merciless Fitbit!!

I have gone out and walked/ jogged/ huffed n puffed in the rain under chill grey skies…and loved it! I have curled around body pillows, under the duvet until ‘kindle claw’ set in on magnificent sunny Autumnal days….so I can not use that wonderful British excuse “the weather”

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*for those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘kindle claw’ it describes the locked position of one’s hands that occurs after excessive hours of clutching a kindle reading one book after another without respite

However….. and there is a however (which is in of itself a change for the positive) I have accepted with kindness for self that some days will be less than others in terms of fitness goals; that I can choose to regard those days as nurturing soul days instead of failure days. This makes it easier to emerge from my duvet cocoon rather than sinking into a morass of self criticism that lasts overly long.

Small steps are real steps are sustainable steps which ultimately add up to real step goals!

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I signed up with Bounts- it’s an app that rewards and encourages fitness goals. The minimum target for steps to qualify for points is a modest 7,000 so I have decided to set this as my baseline for every day with a daily goal of 10,000 whilst aspiring to 15,000 steps. I feel this flexible approach mixes a cocktail of realistic aims with achievable goals that allows me to accept that each day is a new day and will help me to avoid getting locked down into depression that devours my energy.

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