The Crocus: In Poetry & Symbol

Emily Dickinson's Garden

I had 200 hits last week on my 2009 blog post about the Crocus, which makes me think there must be a lot of interest in this flower in early spring, but little information. And why not, its emergence signals the end of Winter and the ushering in of Spring–something, that by March, we’re all yearning for. For that reason, I want to dedicate a whole post to it–the poetry surrounding it, both Emily Dickinson’s and others, and the symbology associated with it. I’ll call this, Crocus Day at Emily Dickinson’s Garden.

First, it appears in the book, The Poetry of Flowers as the symbol of “Smiles”. Here is the poem which accompanies it by Miss H. F. Gould:

Down in my solitude under the snow,
Where nothing cheering can reach me;
Here, without light to see how to grow,
I’ll trust to nature to teach me.

I will…

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I Pushed The Edges Of My Comfort Zone A Little Wider… And I Seem To Be Still In One Piece!!

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I have found the experience of expressing myself here to be cathartic, positive and somehow reaffirming a commitment to self to continue to be the change I want to see in me, it is part of the investment in self that I so need to do. I am taking better care of me and even more importantly, I think, am enjoying doing so. I dyed my hair for the first time in many months and gracious me it’s astonishing what a boost that can be! It’s not so much the result, though I have to confess to being well chuffed with my golden brown tresses, it is more about the process and investment of time in the nurturing of self that has enhanced my feeling of energy and interest in life. It’s refreshing to feel this level of connection and I feel sure that this is the reward from the effort and determination  I have put in towards reclaiming physical health and fitness. My mood seems to be lifting  overall and whilst some days are still an impossible struggle I can confidently reassure myself that things will indeed improve.

So… taking all this into account I decided the time had come to push the boundaries of my comfort zone a little further and to put myself out there to not just an unknown audience but to those who know me IRL: I made a My Own Pandora Facebook Page and posted links to my recent posts here. Scary! Vulnerable! Real!