To Do…Or Not To Do List? Is There Point In Having A List I Will Forget To Look At?!!

This is one of my favourite photos, though sadly I am unable to provide any details as to the photographer, location etc. as the source is currently unknown to me. I love the joie de vivre, the style and incredible enjoyment of the two women in each other and the simple pleasure of taking tea together. I want this! This should definitely be on my To Do List!

Alongside the awful absence of my energy, motivation and memory is the dearth of desire to socialise and yet I know logically, emotionally, intuitively that I would so enjoy laughing and drinking tea with a friend, my offspring, my mother-in-law whilst wearing red lipstick, lovely lingerie and a dress that insists on making me feel feminine. So why am I so flaky when it comes to putting this into practise? Why am I so avoidant? So reclusive? Why is it so hard to put myself on the To Do List?

Why have I allowed myself to become a stranger to myself, let alone my nearest and dearest? A hard question which demands a short, sharp shock of self awareness in order to attempt an answer, but also in fairness to self I also must allocate some responsibility to those jokers The Seven Dwarves Of Menopause


Suzanne Somers in her book, The Sexy Years

Itchy is heckling you because your entire body is losing moisture, not only in your skin, but also in your eyes and even your vagina.

Bitchy makes your mood shift all over the spectrum, often causing you to overreact to minor irritants and seem a little crazy.

Leaky latches himself onto gravity and your aging process, making it very easy leak pee at inopportune moments, like when you laugh, cough or sneeze. This can also lead to urinary tract infections.

Sweaty brings hot flashes and night sweats. You might wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve just left the gym after a high-intensity cardio workout.

Sleepy makes his presence known when you’re unable to sleep through the night, sometimes because you’re feeling overheated.

Weepy causes you to cry hysterically for no good reason, simply because your hormones are out of whack and your emotions are all over the place.

Forgetful comes in the form of a foggy brain

Sleepy loves to go AWOL at night and sit on my shoulder by day, Sweaty and Forgetful are entwined with my very core with Bitchy as a mean little sidekick and the saying misery loves company? Well that would be Weepy and Itchy sitting on side making sure this experience is a menopausal mission. My vocabulary has shrunk and my brain is rather like the foggy image below:


So given the all encompassing forgetfulness is there really any point in having a To Do List when in all probability I shall indeed forget to look at it? This does happen regularly when I shop, optimistically prepared with my comprehensive list….only to utterly omit to refer even once to it, overspend on delightful things that significantly do not include the bread or milk or looroll needed at home!! So if a simple shopping list fails to achieve its purpose can I really believe I can make a change with a To Do and a Not To Do? The answer I feel lies in keeping it light, making it achievable…. what is technically known as making “SMARTgoals






To Do

  1. Be the change, make the change
  2. Walk, walk some more
  3. Smile, laugh, sing- nothing wrong with a little fake it til you make it

Not To Do

  1. Allow “The Change” to dictate who I am
  2. Go to bed during the day
  3. Read my kindle all night!

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