Love each of these ingredients so put them together and what have you got? A little bit of food heaven! Can’t wait to try it 😀

Dinner of Herbs

I do not know how to pronounce “quinoa”.

I have never eaten or cooked with quinoa before this week.  I decided to splurge and take a chance and buy it.  Next, I had to figure out how to cook it, and what to make with it.  Since I had read somewhere that quinoa has a slightly nutty-flavour, I had a wonderful idea–how about putting sweet potatoes and maybe even some kind of nut with it?

Turns out my idea was not all that original.  I decided to follow this recipe just to get an idea of the flavour of quinoa, without getting too adventurous at first.  Of course I could not resist changing it just a little.  I thought rosemary would fit in with the “nutty” flavouring better than coriander, cumin, and cilantro.  It was delicious!

I think I will have fun inventing my own quinoa and sweet potato concoction…

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