Love each of these ingredients so put them together and what have you got? A little bit of food heaven! Can’t wait to try it 😀

Dinner of Herbs

I do not know how to pronounce “quinoa”.

I have never eaten or cooked with quinoa before this week.  I decided to splurge and take a chance and buy it.  Next, I had to figure out how to cook it, and what to make with it.  Since I had read somewhere that quinoa has a slightly nutty-flavour, I had a wonderful idea–how about putting sweet potatoes and maybe even some kind of nut with it?

Turns out my idea was not all that original.  I decided to follow this recipe just to get an idea of the flavour of quinoa, without getting too adventurous at first.  Of course I could not resist changing it just a little.  I thought rosemary would fit in with the “nutty” flavouring better than coriander, cumin, and cilantro.  It was delicious!

I think I will have fun inventing my own quinoa and sweet potato concoction…

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I want to make this and compare with Grandma’s Chocolate Mousse as I think the addition of coffee will be awesome!


Frugal chocolate and coffee mousse

As you will all know, there are certain dishes, be they savoury or sweet, that stick in one’s mind in an almost belligerent manner. Such treats, though delicious in the first instance, often subject one to interminable temptation, thus reducing even real men like myself (snigger) to insatiable wretches. The only thing able to cure such flagrant desire is what caused it in the first place, or something very much like it. The only problem with that is it creates a rather detestable cycle in which one becomes hooked to a certain food. In my case chocolate mousse is the culprit – it is simply too good. However, since I rarely like to make the same dessert twice I had to think of a way to alter the recipe, but still maintain what I loved about it in the first place; it’s texture and lightness. Happily, this was easily…

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